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aboveA is a dynamic, customer-centric agency that provides comprehensive solutions in outsourcing, website development, UI/UX, outstaffing, and other business-related services. Our solutions are tailored to the specific clients’ needs. Hop on! Let our strategy help your vision come into fruition!

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Our Business Solutions

Outsourcing 2024

Unlocking Cost Efficiency

Discover strategic insights on leveraging outsourcing to reduce expenses and enhance productivity in 2024. Navigate the future of smart savings with us.

Accelerate Your Talent Search with Startup Specialists

Empowering innovation and growth, we’re deeply rooted in the startup ecosystem.

Our team takes pride in building strong relationships with our clients, allowing us to continue supporting their growth for years to come.

Your vision, our DNA – let’s scale new heights together!

Outsourcing 2024

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A dynamic group of visionaries, strategists, and innovators committed to transforming your business challenges into success stories.
Each member brings a unique blend of expertise, passion, and creativity, ensuring we deliver customized solutions that exceed expectations.

Together, we're dedicated to your growth and ready to make your goals a reality.

Faustas Norvaisa
CEO & Co-Founder
Karina Kavaleuskaya
Co-Founder & COO
Nika Gigolashvili
Head of Development
Adrian Liu
Co-Founder & CTO
Giorgi Kupatadze
Chief Design Officer
Agnieška Rutkovska
Marketing Manager
Eve Yang
Head of Recruitement
Austėja Kirilovaitė
Customer Success


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